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Azizi Riviera Apartments at Meydan One, MBR City, Dubai

Studio, 1, 2, Bedroom Apartments‎

1% On Booking | Starting AED 2,556/-  Monthly Mortgage value. | Starting Price AED 431,000/-

  • Meydan One Mall 5 Minutes, 100 m.
  • Dubai Mall 10 Minutes, 10 km.
  • Dubai Creek 12 Minutes, 12 km.
  • Dubai Festival City 15 Minutes, 15 km.
  • Dubai International Airport 15 Minutes, 17 km.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Swimming Pool – Water Feature
  • Kids Swimming Pool
  • BBQ Seating Area
  • Bocce Area
  • Zen Garden
  • Yoga Zone
  • Pets Agility Area
  • Lounge with Movie Night
  • Outdoor Chess Play Area


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    Positioned in the prestigious Meydan One project, Azizi Riviera is set within a multiphase development of 71 buildings spread across four phases comprising 13 regions, a mega integrated retail district, vibrant four- and five-star hotel and lush greenery.

    The new Azizi Riviera is all about community living, evoking the classic Mediterranean Riviera lifestyle with a modern, contemporary outlook. Long walks on paved paths, beautiful sunsets and just a short distance from water transport, yachting facilities and a proposed marina, you will always feel safe and warm.

    This is a place to embrace the good life and profitez, as the French say. Built to emulate the Riviera, Azizi Riviera brings the best of French Mediterranean contemporary living to Dubai to create a lasting sense of community. The open spaces and public areas offer several conveniences, while the clean lines and modern glass and wood facades add a touch of uniquely Dubai glitz and glamour.

    Azizi Riviera is easily accessible via Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khail Road and Meydan Road.

    It is also well-connected with a proposed metro line, malls, cinemas, retail, schools, hospitals and other modern necessities. The Meydan Hotel and Racecourse is a mere five minutes away, and so is the proposed One Mall and Marina.


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    The first phase of Azizi Riviera is set within a multiphase development comprising of 18 mid-rise residential buildings comprising 2,273 units, a mega integrated retail district, waterfront views and lush greenery.

    Keeping in line with contemporary community living, Azizi Riviera combines the best of French Mediterranean design perspective and modern architecture to create the ideal place for modern community living. Whether you are at work, play or simply relaxing, Azizi Riviera has it all and more. Here, you can feel at home and be a part of a diverse and multicultural community. Engage in family-friendly outdoor activities, leisure, dining and retail therapy.

    Live the high life of the French Riviera without ever leaving Dubai! Azizi Riviera is creating a new paradigm for community living in Dubai and we welcome you to be a part of it.

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    Azizi Riviera 1 or the garden, is the new expansive green space that is part of the massive Meydan One project. Positioned adjacent to parks and trees, Azizi Riviera 1 offers peace, serenity and a quiet escape right in the heart of Dubai. Retail, food and beverage outlets and corner shops make this a wonderful spot to unwind and take in the fresh air after a long day. It is also the ideal place to catch up with friends, family and neighbours.

    Minutes away from Meydan Hotel and Racecourse and One Mall, with ample connections to public transport and a proposed biking path, this is the ideal location to enjoy being a part of the Riviera community’s great outdoors. Expect plenty of family activities, outdoor picnicking and other activities that take advantage of the beautiful green spaces. Community life doesn’t get much better than this.

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    Azizi Riviera 1 effortlessly combines the charm and character of the French Riviera with a contemporary design ethos. Built for modern living without compromising on the defining qualities of a warm home, Azizi Riviera 1 is the best of both worlds. Floor-to ceiling windows allow for ample natural light, while the wood panelling and stone cladding give the façades a wonderful rustic charm. The beautiful views of the Dubai Canal, Meydan and other Dubai landmarks make Azizi Riviera 1 an ideal location for morning runs, evening strolls or just some calming yoga. The host of fine recreational and dining activities make it the perfect place to catch up with friends, family and loved ones. This is the new definition of vibrant community living in Dubai.

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    We believe that a stress-free life needs a clutter-free life. Which is why you will find elegant living spaces that do not compromise on comfort or convenience. The interiors of Azizi Riviera 1 capture the essence of the French Riviera lifestyle, with its spacious terraces and balconies and minimalistic design. The natural stone flooring and wood panelling give the apartments a timeless and exquisite appeal. Choose from a variety of layouts to suit your needs, and be rest

    assured that your apartment will be a warm and welcoming abode of comfort and tranquillity for you and your family. Bask in stunning waterfront views and popular Dubai landmarks from your very own Azizi Riviera 1 home.

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    Our bedrooms are designed to be more than just functional areas. With distinct sleeping and dressing areas, including spaces for seating by the window, Azizi Riviera 1 has transformed the bedroom space into an experience. Relax, unwind and feel like you are sleeping surrounded by peace and elegance. And when you wake up, be greeted by a splendid sunrise and beautiful views of the waterfront and the lush greenery.


    Inspired by the inviting dining spaces of French Riviera homes, Azizi Riviera 1 takes the dining space to the next level. Nothing brings people together quite like food. Whether you are hosting a

    party or just having friends over for afternoon tea, we have created the ideal space for your needs. The spacious and comfortable dining area is the perfect place to mingle and enjoy leisurely evening get-togethers or dinner parties. The wooden floors and gorgeous windows add a wonderful rustic feel and ensure a cosy dining experience, no matter what the meal or time of day.


    Food brings families together, which is why we have paid special attention to crafting stunning kitchens at Azizi Riviera 1. Our fully equipped kitchens do not just offer all the modern conveniences, but also make cooking and serving meals comfortable and clutter-free.

    You will find that there is plenty of storage and space for everything your fully functional kitchen requires. The finest fittings and appliances will ensure that your time in the kitchen is never a chore, whether you are cooking for your family, friends or just yourself.


    Bathrooms are meant to help you relax and unwind. Our well-appointed bathrooms offer an intimate space where you can feel at peace after a long hectic day at work. We use only the finest building materials imported from Europe, including Spain and Italy, so you can rest assured that your bathroom will only contain the latest furnishings.

    At Azizi Riviera 1, we believe that comfort and elegance are reflected in every room of our spacious apartments, which is why we go the extra mile to deliver only the best.

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