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Al Andalus – Jumeirah Golf Estates

Alandalus Townhouses – 2 and 3 Bedroom Contemporary Homes

Comprising of 95 two and three bedroom Townhouses, situated on an award-winning residential golf development with two Championship golf courses, Alandalus offers exceptional amenities and beautiful outdoor living spaces for family and friends to socialise. This is a gated community with pedestrian-friendly streets and a beautiful urban plaza that will give the feeling of being in an Andalusian neighbourhood. With surroundings that include fascinating water features, breathtaking flora amidst Mediterranean olive and citrus trees, this is a neighbourhood of charm and tranquillity.

Each townhouse has a private outdoor terrace including an optional plunge pool and patio area – an essential element for family living and sociable lifestyle. The interior of both 2 and 3 bedrooms Townhouses combines modern and traditional Andalusian materials for a sophisticated, functional and comfortable space that will inspire residents. Undoubtedly, Alandalus Townhouses set the exceptional standard for a unique and happy family home. Alandalus Townhouses are more than a home.


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    Located close to Al Maktoum International Airport, Jumeirah Golf Estates is just minutes from many of the city’s landmark developments including Palm Jumeirah, the multi-award winning Burj Al Arab hotel, and Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Blending the best in modern living with the wonders of nature, Jumeirah Golf Estates presents the rare opportunity of living in a community that has been carefully planned to meet the needs of the modern family.

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    Location Map:

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    Al Andalus Location Map

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    Unit Sizes:

    2 Bedroom Townhouse: 1566 – 1632 sq.ft.

    3 Bedroom Townhouse + Maid Middle Unit: 1860 – 1903 sq.ft.

    3 Bedroom Townhouse + Maids: 1887 – 1931 sq.ft.

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    Floor Plans:

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    Boasting a retail space and plans for a hotel development in addition to Jumeirah Golf Estates’ second Clubhouse, the community is home to 715 two and three bedroom townhouses, which surround an urban piazza traditional of Andalusian villages.

    The homes feature large outdoor terraces, trellises, roof towers and modern interiors, with their unique identity offering a visual sense of exclusivity, while the development reflects the serenity and calm of its natural surroundings with rolling landscaped gardens, flora and fauna. The architecture and Mediterranean design of the residences adds to the ambience of the green surroundings.

    Within the 10-acre development, there are six hectares of landscaping with five heritage sites inspiring its design, including:

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    • The Mosque – A masterpiece raised from the ground up with columns of jasper, onyx, marble and granite, the Great Mosque of Cordoba is considered one of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish architecture – and will inspire the design of Alandalus’ mosque.
    • Alhambra – Moorish poets described it as ‘a pearl set in emeralds’. A grand, sprawling hilltop fortress complex encompassing royal palaces with water channels, Alandalus will boast long pools framed by flowerbeds, colonnades and pavilions.
    • Andalusia – The name ‘Al Andalus’ originated during the Moorish rule between the 8th and 15th century when Muslim culture had a strong influence on architecture with landmark such Seville’s Alcazar Castle
    • Generalife’s Gardens – greens will be developed to reflect the Jardin de la Sultana, which served as a summer palace.
    • Costa del Sol – famous for connecting Spanish enclaves by sea, this heritage site within Alandalus will reflect the white and blue colours of the transit point during the Arab age.

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    Master Plan:

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    Al Andalus Master Plan

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    Al Andalus Master Plan

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