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Arabella 2 at Mudon, Dubailand

2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom Townhouses & Villas

Arabella 2 townhouses, a new phase with exclusive 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom villas that offer an eclectic fusion of contemporary lifestyle with lush greenery and open spaces. With its sleek design and glass facades overlooking beautifully landscaped gardens and exquisite facilities, each townhouse is bathed in sunlight and life, creating the ideal environment for you and your family.


  • 5 km jogging track
  • A cycling track
  • Sports courts
  • Outdoor exercise stations
  • Water features & Water play areas
  • Coffee shops and retail stores
  • Kids Zone
  • Garden pavilions


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    Nestled in the greenery of the community, the homes in Arabella 2 reflect the signature design of Arabella 1. The sleek, contemporary, and spacious homes are enveloped in natural light showcasing the quality finish of the interiors that were carefully selected for your new home. Generous rooms provide comfort and privacy.
    Whether you’re looking for relaxation or fun family time, the shimmering pools are the convenient setting. Located amid the stretching greenery, the vast decks, perfect for basking in the sun’s rays during the day, or the lively vibe of the community in the evening, await you at each of the pristine pools.

    Arabella 2 Location:

    Located within Mudon, Arabella is one of its most sought after neighbourhoods. Here, the outdoors makes for a healthy lifestyle with cycling and walking tracks, water bodies and pristine gardens basking in natural light.

    Cloaked in a design that’s timeless, elegant and modern, where simple artistic lines meet reflective glass facades, the homes at Arabella Townhouses carve a new definition point for active living.

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    Mudon Community:

    Located in the dynamic district of DUBAILAND, Mudon is a unique gated community set amidst an abundance of parkland. Created for a dynamic living experience, Mudon perfectly merges spacious villas and townhouses with extensive facilities and amenities such as jogging tracks, landscaped parks, sports fields and schools, making it the ultimate community for a holistic living. In short, if it’s an active lifestyle you seek, Mudon is the place for you.

    Mudon Central Park:

    A dynamic activity-filled park with lush greenery sets the backdrop for Arabella 2 Townhouses

    Thanks to endless verdant spaces, open areas with myriad activities that were planned to keep each resident in mind, Mudon Central Park invites you and your family to an active and healthy lifestyle. You can go for a walk in the park, jog on a trail, celebrate with friends and neighbours, or bask in nature. The park’s unique features will complement your life.

    The community centre at Mudon:

    Conveniently located in Mudon, the community centre will offer you shopping solutions with its supermarket (Milestone), nursery, an optician, pharmacy (BinSina), and medical clinic. Your everyday needs will be fulfilled without having to leave the comfort of your neighbourhood. Ladies will also be able to enjoy relaxing afternoons and pamper themselves at The Loft (Fifth Avenue), a trendy beauty salon; or catch up with friends around a soothing cup of coffee at Starbucks


    Combine health, fitness and well-being with state-of-the-art exercise stations, a jogging track winding through shady green areas and a cycling track extending through the neighbourhood.

    Sports & fitness

    The park is fully equipped with a variety of amenities for your family’s sports and exercise needs.

    Be it an ultra-modern gym, a fitness studio, a football field or a tennis court; every amenity was planned and designed to inspire and stimulate an active and balanced lifestyle.

    Community Activities

    The vast 41-acre family-oriented, Mudon Central Park will include a 1.5km jogging track, a cycling track, basketball courts, a football field, open-air exercise stations, water bodies and water play areas. It will also offer a variety of coffee shops, retail outlets, a Kids Zone as well as exclusive pavilions for special events. The unique open-air amphitheatre will be the ideal setting for lively markets and events.

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    • Emirates Road
    • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
    • Dubai Cycling Course
    • Motor City
    • Sports City
    • Dubai Swimming Academy
    • Global Village
    • Shopping centres, cafés and restaurants
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    • 2 Bedroom Townhouse (Middle Unit) – 3338 sq.ft.
    • 3 Bedroom Townhouse – Type A (Middle Unit) – 3982 sq.ft.
    • 3 Bedroom Townhouse – Type A (End Unit) – 4054 sq.ft.
    • 3 Bedroom Townhouse – Type B (End Unit) – 4142 sq.ft.
    • 3 Bedroom Semi-detached – Type A – 4682  ft.
    • 3 Bedroom Semi-detached – Type – 4800 ft.
    • 4 Bedroom Semi-detached – 5206 sq.ft.
    • 5 Bedroom Semi-detached – 6136 sq.ft.

    * All units come with a maid’s room

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    Payment Plan:

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    10% Payment Plan

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    30% Payment Plan

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    60% Payment Plan

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    Mudon Community Master Plan:

    Arabella 2 Master Community Plan

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    Arabella 2 Master Plan:

    Arabella 2 Community Plan

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    Floor Plans:

    arabella 001
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    Location Map:

    Arabella 2 Location Map

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