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Janayen Avenue at Mirdif Hills

First of all, if you’re looking for a Luxurious Apartments for Sale in Mirdif Hills, Arab Vision Real Estate would definitely be recommending you the look at the Janayen Avenue. Almost everything here is available from;

1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments to 3 and 4  Spacious Bedroom Duplexes

5% On Booking and 70% on Handover

No Commision | No Premium

A Distinctive New Collection of High-End Villas

Elegant Interiors, Ultra-Modern and Contemporary Features Living Room

Spacious Bedrooms with Trendsetting Interior Designs and Ensures Maximum Comfort

A variety of Amenities for Your Family’s Leisure and Fitness needs

Spend Time with Your Family, Have Fun at the Pool and Linear Gardens across the Entire Community

Easy Access to Mushrif Park, Img Worlds Of Adventure, Dubai Safari Park, Mirdif City Center, Etihad Mall And Global Village


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    Mirdif Hills

    The Mirdif Hills project is a mixed-use residential, commercial and retail development in Dubai, adjacent to Mushrif Park. It will be developed by Dubai Investments Real Estate Company, which is a subsidiary of Dubai Investments.

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    Janayen Avenue

    Janayen Avenue have residential units ranging from one, two and three bedroom apartments and three and four bedroom duplexes. The structures of a Vertical Villa is integrated into the landscape in order to bring greenery and planting to every level and not just the ground floor.

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    Mirdif is conveniently located near Business districts, Dubai International Airport, metro stations and major highways. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about how to find your ways or have some fun with family and friends.

    Most of all, the location is very quite where you can just just relax and probably enjoy the beautiful views. Mirdif have all the things you need like supermarkets, retail stores, cafes and restaurants, schools, hospitals and parks.

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